Stanley Kubrick Retrospective at La Cinémathèque française in Paris

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After Frankfurt, Berlin, Rome and Zurich, Paris hosts this Stanley Kubrick retrospective at La Cinémathèque française. This event covers 1.000 square meters and offers unreleased and unseen material from the late director’s archives numerous and precious working documents: scenarios, correspondences, research documents, photos of film shoots, costumes and accessories.

A full retrospective of Kubrick's films will also be offered:

Filmography of Stanley Kubrick
Day of the Fight (USA/1950-1951/16’)
Flying Padre (USA/1950-1951/9’)
Fear and Desire (USA/1951-1953/68’)*
Mr. Lincoln (TV) (USA/1952/Second Unit Director).
The Seafarers (USA/1953/30’)
Killer‘s Kiss (USA/1955/67’)
The Killing (USA/1955-1956/84’)
Paths of Glory (USA/1957/87’)
Spartacus (USA/1959-1960/184’)
Lolita (UK-USA/1960-1962/152’)
Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the
Bomb (UK-USA/1963-1964/95’)
2001: A Space Odyssey (UK-USA/1968/160’)
A Clockwork Orange (UK-USA/1971/137’)
Barry Lyndon (UK-USA/1975/187’)
The Shining (UK-USA/1980/146’/Abriged version for Europe
Full Metal Jacket (UK-USA/1987/116’)
Eyes Wide Shut (UK-USA/1999/159’)  
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'Stanley Kubrick : l'exposition' in Paris
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